Austria €49.00
Belgium €49.00
Bulgaria €49.00
Croatia €49.00
Czech Republic €39.00
Denmark €49.00
Estonia €49.00
Finland €49.00
France €49.00
Germany €49.00
Greece €49.00
Hungary €49.00
Ireland €49.00
Italy €49.00
Latvia €49.00
Lithuana €49.00
Luxembourg €49.00
Netherlands €49.00
Norway €79.00*
Poland €49.00
Portugal €49.00
Romania €49.00
Slovakia €29.00
Slovenia €49.00
Spain €49.00
Sweden €49.00
Switzerland €79.00*
Turkey €79.00*
United Kingdom €49.00
*When we export our goods outside the European Union, we do not charge our local taxes. The receiving country will charge taxes (if applicaple) when the goods are cleared through customs. Our shipping price also includes an all-inclusive customs clearance service.


EU GROW BOX is shipped discreetly via DHL to the first door. You will receive a tracking number.

Components may be shipped via post and their shipping price will be calculated individually.

We ship wordwide.

For countries not listed here, please contact us at and we will make you an individual shipping price offer.

If you would like to arrange your own transport, the pickup is free at our headquaters. We will contact you as soon as the goods are in stock and ready for pickup.

Shipping fees are unrefundable. If the shipment is visibly damaged, do not accept it and contact us at